Community Group Leaders

Below are resources for our community group leaders.

Leader’s Guide – Community group leaders information

Leader’s Training:

Complete Community Group Leader Training Doc

Community Groups Sample First Meeting

Other Resources:

  • Sticky Church by Larry Osborne
  • Community by Brad House

The roles of a community group leader:

  1. Praying This is an intercessory role that is separate from the group’s prayer time.  We should be praying for those we are shepherding daily.  This means we must remember their prayer requests and actually pray for them.  Not only are we to be praying for the members of our group, but also that the Holy Spirit would guide and direct our own leadership.
  2. Shepherding The role of shepherd involves the aspects of caring, guiding, and reproducing.  It is vital that the leader knows and cares for the individual members of the group.  Notice when someone is not participating in conversation or has not been there.  Be willing to talk and invest in people’s lives.  The shepherd also guides the group.  Someone has to end snack and fellowship time and keep things flowing.  In this setting, that should be done fairly casually, but still done.  Also, part of this role is to be reproducing other community group leaders.  To do this, we identify those with the gifting to lead and start allowing them opportunities to do so.
  3. Leading Your third role is to lead the group time of discussion and prayer.  You don’t have to be a content expert, but rather be able to ask good questions and use the discussion guide well.  As you listen, your follow-up questions will be key to engaging the group.  It is also important to be sensitive in how we lead a prayer time as this becomes a powerful time of care between group members.  Learn more here.
  4. Hosting / Host Home Role – This role must be filled by the group leader, but also can be shared with a host home.  This sharing often creates a wonderful opportunity for another to use their gifts of hospitality while freeing the leader to focus on shepherding.  Your objective is to create a warm, inviting place for community group to happen.  This most likely includes welcoming, drinks, facilitating snacks, and making sure there are no distractions.


 Discussion Guides

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  1. Ron says:

    Hello leaders,
    This comment section is another way that we can communicate with each other. Just a reminder, if you are one of the discussion leaders, I would like to give you a copy of the Tyndale commentary on Mark. They are in my office! Thank you all for your work and I’ll be praying these groups are wonderful places for God to work!

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